She Was Special by MSgt Merrill A. Vaughan, USAF (Ret)

U S Air Force Nurses
Like the proverbial dove in the sky
I saw her as I opened my eyes
I knew she was special
Her hair like a golden field of wheat
She had deep blue eyes that reflected the daily heat
She was special
Her light touch comforted me
She had a soothing voice that let me see
She was special
On the long flight home
She was there to hear me moan
She was special
At each stop on the way home she gave me soda and gum
I relaxed as I heard the engines hum
She was there when we arrived holding my hand
Home at last she watched me leave I whispered to her
Thank You for being there for us

MSgt Merrill A. Vaughan, USAF (Ret)
© August 16, 2003