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The Vietnam Women’s Memorial was established to honor the 265,000 military and civilian women who served around the world during the Vietnam War. It is the nation’s first—and still its only—memorial to military women on the National Mall.


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More than 265,000 military and civilian women served around the world during the Vietnam Era in professional, technical, leadership, and humanitarian roles. Nearly 10,000 of these women shared the crucible of war while serving in Vietnam during the conflict. They made a difference. They gave their lives.

The Vietnam Women’s Memorial was established not only to honor those women who served, but also to educate the American public about their service. The culmination of more than a decade of grassroots organizing and activism, the Vietnam Women’s Memorial was dedicated on November 11, 1993 as part of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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Memorial Day 2024

Veterans Day 2024

Women veterans at the 20th Anniversary of the dedication of the Vietnam Women’s Memorial, November 11, 2013

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A wide variety of keepsakes, mementos, and souvenirs are available for order. A portion of the proceeds from the sales supports the ongoing efforts of the VWMF. Items available include lapel pins, patches and magnets of the Vietnam Women’s Memorial.

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The Vietnam Women’s Memorial continues the effort to educate the country about the vital services provided by over 265,000 women, military and civilian, during the Vietnam war and to provide a network of healing and hope. Your donation, large or small, will help ensure that an important chapter in America’s history continues to be told.

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