Vietnam: In Their Own Words

May 29, 2006
Vietnam: In Their Own Words
Story Telling at the Vietnam Women’s Memorial
Monday, May 29, 2006
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9:30 a.m. Robert Perry, Vietnam Era Veteran, Singer
and Songwriter

Captain Laureen Otto, U.S. Army – Iraq –
Member, Vietnam Women’s Memorial Foundation Board

Diane Carlson Evans, U.S. Army –Vietnam 1968-69
Founder and President of the Board, Vietnam Women’s
Memorial Foundation

Edie McCoy Meeks, U.S. Army – Vietnam, 1968-1969
Member, Vietnam Women’s Memorial Foundation Board

10:30 a.m. Noreen Doloughty, Daughter of James
C. Doloughty – U.S. Army – Vietnam 1969, Killed
in action July, 1969
11:00 a.m.

Allen Hoe, U.S. Army – Vietnam 1967-1968
Member, Vietnam Women’s Memorial Foundation Board

11:30 a.m. Karen Spears Zacharias, Daughter of
David Paul Spears –Vietnam 1966 Killed in Action,
July 24, 1966
Author of Hero Mama Member, Vietnam Women’s Memorial
Foundation Board
12-2 p.m. Ceremony at The Wall
2:00 p.m. Kammy McCleery, American Red Cross –
Vietnam 1967-68
2:30 p.m.

Major Kate Carr, U.S. Army – Iraq 2003

Captain Theresa Vernoski, U.S. Air Force – NATO
Peace Keeping Missionin Kosovo, 2001

Colonel John S. Murray, U.S. Air Force
– Director of the National Capital Area BRAC Integration
for the 79th Medical Wing, Consultant to the Surgeon
General for Pediatrics and Clinical Research. Helping
Children Cope with Separation During War
Holley Watts, American Red Cross –
Vietnam 1966-67
Author of Who Knew? Reflections on Vietnam

Vietnam: In Their Own Words, Story Telling at the Vietnam
Women’s Memorial
is an educational program presented
by the Vietnam Women’s Memorial Foundation. Today we
combine the stories of those who served during the Vietnam
era with the stories of those individuals serving in today’s
armed conflicts. The lessons learned in the past of bravery,
the desire for peace, courage, and sacrifice are being relearned
every day.

The Vietnam Women’s Memorial Foundation is a non-profit
organization dedicated to honoring women who served during
the Vietnam era. For additional information on the Memorial
or its products and projects including other educational programs,
Sister Search, or research on women who served during the
Vietnam era, you are invited to visit the Foundation’s
Web site at Donations to the Foundation which support these and other
programs are always appreciated. For additional information
on how to contribute, please consult our Web site and/or call
the Vietnam Women’s Memorial Foundation at 1-866-822-VWMF

If you or someone you care for finds that they need help
coping with the
aftermath of Vietnam, you are invited to call the Veterans’
Administration who
will work to assist you, including connecting you to the counseling
offered by Vet Centers located throughout the United States.
Please call the VA
at 1-800-827-1000.

If you would like to participate in the Veterans Day Story
Telling for November
11, 2006, please contact Dr. Marsha A. Guenzler-Stevens, Chair
of the Education
Committee, Vietnam Women’s Memorial Project Foundation,
at 301-314-8505 or
via e-mail at
You may also contact the Foundation’s Board
of Directors Founder and President, Ms. Diane Carlson Evans
via e-mail at