Angels in Hell – by Darrell Nichols

Read at the Dedication of the Vietnam Women’s Memorial,
Washington, D.C. November 11, 1993

Listen now I’ve a story to tell,
About some Women who lived through Hell.

They came to us, not on Wings of Dove’s,
They came to us from Chopper’s above.

They fought in the War in a special way,
Twelve, sometimes Sixteen hour’s a Day.

She may have been a Nurse, or Volunteer,
If only for a second we forgot our fears.

They came to War, not with Guns to fight,
But with only a smile to brighten our life.

Listen now to this story I tell,
About these Women who lived through hell.

Theirs is a story of pain and strife,
And of Men’s agony, and fight for life.

She can tell you stories of how she cried,
While she held someone close while he died.

She will tell you stories of blood and pain,
That in her mind will always remain.

Listen now to this stories I tell,
About these women who lived through hell.

For they were young like you and me,
How much more special can they be?

How many young Men did she see die,
While at night in her Tent she could only cry?

How many young hands in the night did she hold?
While a young voice cried out, I’m so cold.

Listen now and you will see,
How she fought the War like you and me.

How many letters did she write?
While their families at home slept safely at night.

How many faces does she still see?
Like memories we have, both you and me.

She was like a sister we could not see,
She brought some happiness, to some you see.

She is our sister—true, not by birth,
And in our heart she will remain while I walk this Earth.

They fought in the war by our side,
And like our sisters, they often cried.

Let us not forget the stories they tell,
For they were our sisters who lived through HELL!